Georgina, Brixton explicitly epitomises Corinne Day’ notoriety in photography in the past two decades. Her obsession with the reality of ‘grunge’ youth through her documentation style fashion photography is highlighted in the image above. On reflection the late Corinne Day can be celebrated for initiating a new era of more intimate photography that is still resonant in fashion to this day. The image shows a model in designer lingerie in a dirty room with grubby feet, she is in an awkward position sprawled over a sofa which is the only object in view. In this blog I aim to research this picture with great detail and investigate various issues surrounding the photograph. I aim to gather extensive primary research to develop an understanding of Corinne Day and the subject, to be able to contextualise my findings and through secondary research consider and comment on past and contemporary notions towards this photograph and Corinne.

What does this image and others of hers present and advocate?

Why did Corinne decide to shoot fashion in more real settings with models’ with more natural appearances?

What made her oppose the glamour of normal fashion images?

What started the ‘Heroin Chic’ era, and what effect did it have?

What is Corinne’ history and does it inaugurate her slightly tainted voyeuristic, ‘Grunge’ look tendencies throughout her work or maybe its quite the opposite.