Kate Moss was born in 1974 in Addiscombe, Croydon, England. In 1990  Corinne found 15 year old Kate at the Storm agency in London where Corinne was commisioned by the FACE magazine to shoot eight pages of fashion named ‘the third summer of love’.

‘She was a beauty, but there was also something quite ordinary about her: her hair was a bit scraggy, and with no make-up she just looked like the girl next door. I encouraged her to be natural. I’d chat to her and then take the pictures in the middle of the conversation. I was trying to get the person to just bring themselves to the camera.’

The pictures made Kate Moss the face of The Face, and Day’s best images of her summed up the mood of British youth after the rave explosion. But Moss and her agency weren’t always happy with the pictures. Moss got teased at school for exposing her flat chest in one classic 1990 shoot, and the agency worried that the photographer deliberately left in imperfections like bags under the eyes that others would have retouched. But for Day, this was the point. ‘It was something I just felt so deep inside, being a model and hating the way I was made up. The photographer always made me into someone I wasn’t. I wanted to go in the opposite direction.’

‘Kate had had a fight with her Boyfriend that day and had been crying, so some of the photos were naturally sad. The photographs looked cheap and tacky, everything that Vogue wasn’t.’

Day shot Moss for the May 1993 issue of Vogue.

‘I think the press took the photos far too seriously and read a lot more into them that was really there. Vogue never worked with me again.’

Kate Moss went on to grace 30 front covers for Vogue and is one of the founders of the ‘Heroin Chic’ look.

Corinne Day now understood what she wanted out of photographs, to go against the conventional fashion images and focus more on the personal expression of the model creating a sense of identity in each photograph rather than homogenised fashion images.


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