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Study Diary

  1. Firstly I have assembled some questions that I would like my research to cover, to create a structure to my research. I rented out the book ‘Diary’ by Croinne Day from the library which has proved helpful and is the fundamental source of my research at the moment. Familiarising myself with the picture Georgina, Brixton.
  2. Discovered the connection of Nan Goldin and Larry Clarks work to the documentary style of Corinne Day. Read a couple of books on their work. Starting to gather information on the net about Corinne Day.
  3. Researching the Heroin Chic and Grunge movements of the early 90s. Finding definitions, sub cultures and people involved. Discovered two good books ‘Photography: a cultural history’ and ‘Fashion, desire and anxiety: image and morality in the 20th century’.
  4. Comparing the 80s Supermodels to Georgina Cooper in the image and others Corinne used. Focusing on the level of retouching and artificiality of the images.
  5. Researching Corinne Day and Georgina Cooper. Reading up on certain biographies, obituaries and interviews discovering the personality. Recorded an interview with my friend on how she interpreted the photograph.
  6. Kate moss and her influence on the picture Georgina, Brixton as one of the inspirations of Heroin Chic. I tried not to get too involved with Kate due to the ridiculous amount of information on her; I tried to stick to the point of the blog just detailing her influence.
  7. From our lectures we learnt about intertextuality, Binary Opposites and textual analysis. I tried to incorporate some of the theories and to deconstruct the image to allow greater understanding of the context.
  8. I found an Article in the independent criticising the use of heroin chic images in fashion. The article highlighted Bill Clintons anger towards the movement and criticised anyone for condoning it.

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November 30, 2010 at 11:40 am

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